Frustrated with stuck paint lids?

Here’s a quick tip to help prevent the frustration of paint lids that stick and are hard to open. When I was recently teaching at a workshop someone noticed my little trick and commented on it, saying that alone was worth the cost of their class. My day was made and...

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Reflections from the IDAL Convention 2022

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery”- Mark Van Doren Last week was my first time to experience the IDAL convention (International Decorative Artisans League), and it was a fantastic, welcoming atmosphere. To be surrounded by people with similar...

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Crazy Big Dreams

Do crazy big dreams scare or excite you? Do you allow yourself to dream crazy big dreams? It can be a scary thing to do. We tend to prefer knowing the how, when and why about most things in life before we move forward. But sometimes being a creative person, your mind...

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