Finding Your Magic

the moment I see others flourish through what they have learned—that's what drives me
I’ve had those words written on a scrap of paper on my work table for at least five years, and they are still what keeps me pushing forward today. I love seeing students light up with excitement when they complete a sample or learn a new technique or trick! Hearing about the job they got using something they’ve learned fires me up too. 

That‘s why I’ve mapped out this program to bring a class to you.

There just aren‘t a ton of workshops to choose from out there, travel expenses, well, they’re expensive, and time away from work and family isn’t easy. 

So how can I help you? I know that the key to unique art is having direction, and inspiration but also going deep within yourself to make it your own. It can be hard to find that place but once you do…it’s magic!

I’ll help you learn how to create very different pieces of work, discover what speaks to you and what doesn’t, and how to take that insight and use the knowledge to further your body of work.I hope you’ll take that first step and join me to find your magic. It makes all of the long hours, crawling around toilets and schlepping ladders so much more worth it.

Registration opens Monday, Jan. 9, 2023.