Discover Your Unique Style and Inner Talent in 2023

Join me in 2023 for the Create Outside the Box Masterclass!

Online Courses

Online courses are the perfect way to get inspired as an artisan and finisher without the commitment of travel to a studio. Each course is filled with lessons, detailed instructions and resources to help you learn new techniques, recipes and ways to make art that expands your portfolio. Learn at your own pace and have longterm access to the training videos.

In Person Workshops

If you enjoy the energy of learning in a working studio with other artists, join us on site! Visit our rustic chic studio to join in scheduled group workshops for professionals and diy’ers, or private coaching sessions. Learn about a variety of Faux Effects products, popular decorative finishes, cabinet & furniture finishes, painting techniques and successful application tips on real world projects

Private Coaching

For those who work better in a one-on-one or small group format, this may be the perfect option. Want to try out products that are new to you? Want to focus on a specific style of finishes to add to your portfolio? Have specific questions about installing finishes or business practices? Choose a selected collection of finishes or techniques that you’d like to learn at your own pace. Contact me to determine if this is the right option for you. We can book in-person or video sessions.